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Commissioned Art by Atiya Chaundhry-Green


Capturing the Essence of "who you are"


I am honoured to offer this one to one session which leads to a unique piece of artwork capturing the essence and imagination of you.


It is a powerful expression of who you are, your uniqueness and a reminder to live into your essence and imagination each and every day.

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I believe we can tap into our inner WIFI
Where Imagination Flows and Illuminates our essence. 😀


I intuitively tap into your USBUnique Source of Being-ness and translate this into a visual representation capturing the essence of you.

What does the imagination flow experience entail?

This involves a 45-minute session with the intention of exploring something important to you.


The session incorporates:

✔️ asking insightful questions

✔️ exploring more about you, facilitating the flow of your imagination and essence

✔️ during the session, I will capture brief notes and record the session

✔️ the artwork will be created using my intuition and reflects your essence and imagination

✔️ the session notes and recording will be deleted following the production of the artwork

✔️ you will receive the physical artwork via the post & electronically

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Hi! My name is Atiya Chaudhry-Green.

I am a prolific and avid learner and have taken a huge journey of self development that has led to my understanding that each person is hugely creative and unique.

I am a retired nurse and live in the UK. I am a qualified Visual and Virtual Facilitator/Trainer, Master NLP Coach and Trainer and have advanced skills in continuous quality improvement.

I felt called to move into more creative pursuits following all the courses and programmes I have undertaken over the last 35 years.

I now offer a unique “Imagination Flow” experience. I am fascinated by people stories and their unique way of viewing themselves and their way of the world.

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